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SHELTON FIREWORKS - Blacksburg, South Carolina
Pictured at right: Tom Sudik,  Warehouse Manager

570 Tribal Rd.
North Side, Exit 104, Interstate 85
Blacksburg, South Carolina 29702

Phone: 1-864-839-4900

Hours: Open all year - 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven (7) days a week. Please call for extended holiday hours!

Location: Located on the South Carolina side of the North Carolina state line, 40 miles from Charlotte, NC; 95 miles from Asheville, NC; 120 miles from Winston-Salem, NC; 130 miles from Greensboro, NC; 180 miles from Durham, NC; 210 miles from Raleigh, NC; 235 miles from Roanoke, VA; 300 miles from Charleston, WV; and 330 miles from Richmond, VA.

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Front of warehouse with its 4 sets of doors.

A group of bikers stopped at our warehouse on their way from New York City to Fort Benning
where they were escorting a piece of the World Trade Center, a fire engine, and names of those firefighters killed.
Fire engine on trailer

Iron and Steel plaque

Happy customer

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