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SHELTON FIREWORKS - St. Francisville, Missouri
Pictured at right: Becky, St. Francisville Manager

Phone: 1-660-754-6008


  • Summer Hours - Monday thru Thursday 9-7, Friday thru Sunday 9-9
  • Starting June 20 - Open 9am - 9pm Every Day
  • Starting June 27 thru July 3 - Open 9am to 11pm
  • July 4 thru Labor Day - Monday thru Thursday 9-7, Friday thru Sunday 9-9
  • After Labor Day - Winter Hours - 9am - 5pm (7) Days a Week

If you are running late, please call the store, 660-754-6008.

Location: Coming south, take the first left exit when you cross the Des Moines River bridge. Mount Pleasant, Iowa, is 40 miles; Iowa City, Iowa, is 85 miles, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is 115 miles. All on US Hwy 27 on the Minneapolis to St. Louis "Avenue of the Saints". Using Mapquest, it is possible to get the exact route from the north and the exact route from the south and heading north from Canton, Missouri on US Hwy 61 to Wayland, Missouri, where you head north on MO-27 to the warehouse at the Missouri/Iowa State Line.

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St. Francisville warehouse.

Multi-Firers 500 Gram Grand Finales Aerial Rockets

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