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SHELTON FIREWORKS - Covington, Indiana
Pictured at right: Reann, Warehouse Manager

197 South Stringtown
(Northeast Corner of Exit #8 / Interstate 74)
Covington, Indiana 

Phone: 1-765-793-8111


  • January and February - Please call for store hours during this time

  • March 1 thru April 30 - Please call for store hours during this time

  • May 1 thru May 15 - 9am-7pm

  • May 16 thru June 20 - 9am-9pm

  • June 21 thru July 4 - 9am-10pm

  • July 5 thru Aug 31 - 9am-9pm

  • Aug 31 thru Dec 24 - 9am-6pm

  • December 26 thru December 31 - 9am-9pm

  • Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Days

Location: Exit 8 I-74 Northeast corner. 150 miles east of Peoria, IL, 110 miles east of Bloomington, IL, 60 miles west of Indianapolis, 50 miles east of Champaign/Urbana, ILL, and only 10 miles east of Danville, IL.

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Covington Warehouse

Covington Warehouse Entrance

Rocket Sign

Covington Tower

Drag racing online visits Covington warehouse

Dusty, Assistant Manager, and Tallpaul

Hazel Shelton

Warehouse Entrance

Inside Displays

Tower's stack of various mortar kits

Tower Sign

Covington's Interstate billboard on warehouse wall

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